We install (for lease or purchase) video surveillance systems for homes and businesses.

Technology is changing quickly and we are here to provide you with the most up-to-date technology to provide you the best quality and value for your system.

Camera systems are very popular today. Beware of discount camera packages sold at warehouse and discount stores. The price may be less expensive, but the quality and life of the equipment may not provide the system you wanted.

Color or black and white systems are available.

We can install outdoor camera systems (these require outdoor housings, heaters, and blowers—for survival in the varying climate conditions). We also install interior systems and combinations.

Options for viewing on monitors, computers, television sets, or internet are also available.  Recording of the information can be done on time lapse recorders, multiplexors, or hard drives.

Again, we prefer to customize the right devices for each location in order to make sure the coverage and clarity are correct for the environment.